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elon musk has shared his elden ring character build, and it's pretty awful

Elon Musk shared his Elden Ring character build, and it's kinda awful

Elon Musk has shared his Elden Ring character build with the world via Twitter, and he's caused quite a bit…

lucio from overwatch in soccer uniform - part of the game's diverse lineup
Opinions & Analysis

Character diversity is more involved than just ticking boxes

Activision Blizzard's diversity tool has come under fire for good reason. What good is something that can't understand character context?

Game prices, digital distribution, and the changing cost for developers

How digital distribution and game prices are costing developers

Digital distribution for games has changed rapidly in the last decade. So have our expectations of game prices. So have…

Halo TV series Episode 9 recap Season 1 finale transcendance

Halo TV Series - Episode 9 Recap - ‘Transcendence’

The Episode 9 Season 1 Finale of the Halo TV Series gives us lots of action, a few gotchas, and…

a person plays a video game using an xbox adaptive controller with accessibility option while another person looks on
Opinions & Analysis

How inclusive design in video games benefits everyone

Good games are accessible games, and accessibility features in video games can benefit everyone in the grand scheme of things.

Halo TV series episode 8 recap allegiance

Halo TV Series – Episode 8 Recap – ‘Allegiance’

Master Chief finds love and bonds are tested as Season One of the Halo TV series enters its high-stakes conclusion.

crisis core final fantasy playstation plus
Opinions & Analysis

Every PSP game that should be on all-new PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Portable is one of the most underrated consoles – and its entire lineup is worthy of being included…

best board games beginners beginner players

The 10 best board games for beginners

Starting out in the world of board games can be daunting – but with these key board games, you should…

Halo TV series episode 7 recap inheritance

Halo TV Series – Episode 7 Recap – ‘Inheritance’

Master Chief, Cortana, and the UNSC take a break from the Halo TV series as Kwan and Soren take the…

sonic the hedgehog 2006 review
Opinions & Analysis

Sonic '06 isn't a bad game – it's just misunderstood

Sonic the Hedgehog's 2006 adventure is considered one of the worst Sonic games of all time – but is it…

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