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    Best Small Kitchen Appliances of 2023

    Top-scoring air fryers, blenders, multi-cookers, and more from Consumer Reports' tests

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    Air fryer, coffee maker and mixer on yellow background Illustration: Consumer Reports, Getty Images

    Spend enough time on TikTok or Pinterest and you may find yourself eager to bake bread, cook up some food, and mix drinks like your favorite social media influencer.

    We get it. 

    Those 2-minute tutorials and perfectly staged photos are enticing. They have the power to inspire even the most novice home cooks to get in the kitchen and get a little dirty. 

    As long as you’re experimenting with new techniques, Consumer Reports will be putting countertop appliances to the test to help you master your recipes. Whether your newly discovered cloud bread recipe calls for an air fryer or you need the power of a stand mixer to get your butter board just right—we have you covered. 

    Below are the models that come out on top in CR’s lab tests.


    Each year CR’s market analysts research and select hundreds of new countertop appliances to test, and we deploy a team of secret shoppers to buy each one to ensure we’re getting the same products you’ll find at retail. Our test engineers put each model through rigorous tests to see how well it performs and how convenient it is to use.

    The result? A robust collection of ratings for air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, food processors, mixers, multi-cookers, toasters, and more.

    CR members with digital access can dig into our ratings, which include hundreds of individual models, or you can simply scroll down for the very best countertop appliances from our tests.

    Best Air Fryers

    Best Blenders

    Best Coffee Makers

    Best Food Processors

    Best Multi-Cookers

    Best Stand Mixers

    Best Toaster Ovens

    Headshot of CRO Home Editor Tanya Christian

    Tanya A. Christian

    Tanya Christian joined Consumer Reports as a multimedia content creator in 2021, bringing with her more than a decade of experience in the home and lifestyle space. As a content manager for small kitchen appliances, home remodeling products, and the sleep category, she’s happy to provide readers with recommendations on great design, helpful cooking tools, and smart ways to achieve better sleep. Follow her on Twitter @tanyaachristian.