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Frippletown Thinkin' Things by Edmark Corporation

Take me back to FrippleTown, where Thinkin' Things thrive

The late 1990s were a boom period for edutainment games – including the long-forgotten Thinkin' Things franchise.

loot boxes europe

18 European countries rally against video game loot boxes

Consumer groups from across Europe are banding together to better regulate loot boxes.

summer game fest

Everything we know about Summer Game Fest 2022

This year's Summer Game Fest will take place during E3 week, and is set to feature a number of announcements.

agdas website

Nominations open for The Australian Game Developer Awards 2022

Game and hero submissions are now open for the 2022 ADGAs, Australia's premier game developer awards.

esports commonwealth games

French government bans English gamer words like 'esports'

French officials have issued an edict that gamer words like 'esports' and 'cloud gaming' will not be used by government…

HYPER//ECHO game screenshot

HYPER//ECHO delves into the transience of our digital world

ACMI's most recent digital exhibition explores digital decay in a locally developed video game.

ni no kuni cross worlds crypto

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds appears to be a cutesy crypto miner

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds contains a cryptocurrency exchange system that allows players to swap in-game cash for Marblex crypto.

diablo immortal

Diablo Immortal has been banned in two countries

Diablo Immortal has been banned in Belgium and the Netherlands just days before it was set to launch.

The Pavs 2022 award finalists, NZ Game Festival

The Pavs 2022 announce finalists, see the best games from New Zealand

The Pavs are back for 2022, celebrating the best games from New Zealand made in the past year, as part…

embracer group preservation

Embracer Group founds new game preservation archive

Embracer Group has reportedly begun a major video game preservation project.

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