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apple design awards 2022 wylde flowers studio drydock

Wylde Flowers nominated for multiple Apple Design Awards

The finalists for the 2022 Apple Design Awards have been announced, with Australian Apple Arcade game Wylde Flowers grabbing two…

diablo immortal review

Diablo Immortal Review Snapshot

On first impressions, Diablo Immortal provides much of the series' familiar, moreish power curve in a more streamlined and convenient…

cooking mama apple arcade

New Cooking Mama game launches on Apple Arcade in June

Cooking Mama has finally returned, courtesy of developer Office Create Corp.

air twister apple arcade

Shenmue creator and Sega legend has new game on Apple Arcade

Yu Suzuki's new game will be an intriguing exclusive to Apple Arcade.

ni no kuni cross worlds crypto

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds appears to be a cutesy crypto miner

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds contains a cryptocurrency exchange system that allows players to swap in-game cash for Marblex crypto.

diablo immortal

Diablo Immortal has been banned in two countries

Diablo Immortal has been banned in Belgium and the Netherlands just days before it was set to launch.

disco loco tiktok

TikTok is pushing further into the mobile games market

TikTok is reportedly looking to grab a piece of the mobile games pie.

gibbon beyond the trees review

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Review - A simple message

A simple, beautiful game with a clear, admirable, and touching message concerning the endangered species.

wylde flowers game

How Wylde Flowers incorporates escape and empowerment

Studio Drydock's Wylde Flowers is a cosy tale about escape from the real world, and how prejudice can be overcome…

marvel snap game release date announcement

Marvel Snap is a flashy, action-focussed digital card game

Marvel Snap is a brand new CCG digital card game with a focus on action moves and strategic plays.

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